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Empress Peach (Battle Ready) by Jeticus

"Peachy's the best!"

That's the phrase that popped into my head when I saw this amazing piece. It's a bit hard to critique this since it's one of my favorite pieces that you did this year but here goes;

The crown, I'm not sure if many would notice that is a crown on top of her head since it's golden like her hair but that is how she is in Mario so the color isn't really the problem. It's a strange looking head piece to be sure but everyone has their own style and I rarer like it. I like how you made her left handed and I'm assuming the sword behind her is attached to her back rather than her front, which is fine but if it gets snagged on her skirt could cause a problem. Her right hand seems a little too lax to be holding a shield and I'm not real sure if it would be seen at all - I also think te metal would make her skirt flatter unless she has a cage under there to fluff it up which she might. All in all lovely background,'s visually stunning
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